How To Travel The World On A Budget

How to travel the world on a budget

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We receive many questions on how to travel the world on a budget.  How do we create one, do you adhere to it and are you able to come in on budget each month? It is easy to create one, yes we certainly adhere to it and no we don’t come in one budget each month!

We are sharing  our 8 months of travel expenditure during 2016 from 1st May – 31st December travelling to Asia, Europe and Central America. We hope our information will assist you in creating your own travel budget.  Now is the time to start!

Warning: This is going to be a long post, our breakdown of our travel expenditure is at the bottom of the post if you are interested in how we achieved our figures and what we spent our money on. Folks often ask us where we have stayed, where we have eaten and what tours or sites we have visited, we have included these in the detail and please note we have included affiliate partner links for which we receive a small contribution.

We set ourselves a challenge this year to be able to travel for AUD92 per day or USD67 which is the equivalent to the Full Couple Australian Aged Pension (we are still not at that age yet)!  Why are we doing that?  Because we get a lot of responses from Baby Boomers saying they can’t travel because they can’t afford to.

You will see that we are over our budget by AUD3 per day as at 31st December, 2016.

We left the corporate world to ‘chase time not money’ – that is our mantra.  There may be a time that we won’t be able to travel due to family or health reasons.  Why would we want to give the ‘corporates’ the best of our remaining years only to find out that when we retired there was something stopping us.  Life is too short.

How to travel on a budget

First Tip is if you are traveling you need a travel budget.  The last thing you will want to do is get close to the end of your trip and find that you have no money left.  You need to be realistic, some months you may blow your budget, we did for 3 months, (Europe is expensive at the peak of summer) and then 5 months under budget.

Our travels during May 2016 to December 2016 took us to:

We went through all our expenses in Sydney and worked out that it was costing us AUD165 per day to sit on the couch or go to work.

Items you need to consider to prepare your travel budget:

  • Travel Insurance (do not travel without it)
  • Flight Costs (there are ways of reducing your travel costs by little tips and tricks)
  • Ground Transport Costs (taxis, buses, metro, ferries, trains)
  • Visa costs
  • Accommodation costs (flights and accommodation are usually the highest costs when traveling)
  • Meals
  • Groceries
  • Entrance fees to museums, parks etc
  • Tips
  • ATM fees
  • WiFi and Mobile Charges

General Information on our travel budget:

All costs are for the two of us in total, shown in AUD (Australian Dollars) Euros and USD (United States Dollars).

Exchange Rates Used as of 30/12/16

1.00 AUD = 0.6562 Euros

1.00AUD = 0.7062 USD

Travel Insurance:

A 12 month Travel Insurance Policy: AUD1760 (we will split this over 8 months, then include it in our breakdown)   AUD147 per month

AUD 1760  Euros1156   USD1243 


Grand Total 8 Months Travel Spend Including Travel Insurance

Total Days: 245

Total travel budget for 8 months:   AUD22,540   Euros14,788   USD15,947

Total Spend Including Travel Insurance: AUD23,166   Euros15,202   USD16430

Daily Spend: AUD95   Euros62   USD67

The following graph shows our Daily Budget to our Actual Budget.


how to travel the world on a budget

The following graph shows the breakdown in category spend.


how to travel the world on a budget

Actual Costs Broken Down by Month:


Countries Visited: Australia

City: Sydney – Housesitting for the month of May


Petrol: AUD197   Euros129   USD139

Taxis: AUD108   Euros71   USD76

Total Transport Costs for May 2016   AUD305   Euros200   USD215


No costs due to housesitting.

No Accommodation costs


Meals: AUD376   Euros247   USD266

Total Meals Out for May 2016   AUD376   Euros247   USD266


Groceries: AUD686   Euros450   USD484

Total Grocery Costs for May 2016   AUD686   Euros450   USD484

Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones: AUD121   Euros79   USD85

Total Mobile Phone Costs for May 2016   AUD121   Euros79   USD85

Summary for May 2016  AUD1488  Euros976   USD1050

Travel Budget 31 days @ AUD92 per day AUD2852  Euros1871   USD2014

Daily Budget: AUD92   Euros60   USD65

Actual Travel Costs: AUD48 per day   Euros31    USD34


Countries Visited: Thailand, Spain

Places Visited: Bangkok, Barcelona, Madrid, Toledo, Andujar, Cordoba, Seville, Granada, Valencia


Sydney Bangkok Zurich Barcelona AUD1996 Euros1310 USD1410

Total Flight Costs for June 2016:  AUD1996   Euros1310   USD1410


Thailand: Taxis to and from airport including tolls = AUD44 Euros29 USD31

Thailand: Transport via BTS Rail and River Transport to Grand Palace: AUD18 Euros12 USD13

Barcelona: Taxi From Airport AUD74 (a rip off) Euros49 USD52

Barcelona: Taxi to Bus Station AUD11 and Bus to Madrid AUD39 total AUD124 Euros82 USD88

Road trip from Madrid to Toledo, Andujar, Cordoba, Seville, Valencia, Barcelona

Car Rental Costs: Kia Manual medium size car, fully insured AUD311 Euros213 USD220

Tolls Valencia to Barcelona: AUD31 Euro21 USD22

Parking Costs on Road Trip: AUD19 Euros 13 USD13

Barcelona: taxi to bus station for Valencia AUD10 Euros7 USD7

Bus from Barcelona to Valencia: AUD71 Euros 47 USD50

Taxi from Valencia Bus to Apartment AUD8 Euros5 USD6

Total Transport Costs June 2016 :  AUD701    Euros472   USD496


Bangkok: Thailand: 2 nights Arize Hotel AUD140 Euros92 USD99

Barcelona: 1st trip No costs as staying with family

Madrid: 1 night Apartamentos Roisa AUD70 Euros48 USD49

Andujar: 1 night Palacio Sirvente Mieres AUD80 Euros55 USD56

Seville:  4 nights Apartamentos Plaza de Santa Cruz AUD364 Euros249 USD257

Granada: 2 nights Real de Cartujar Apartments AUD131 Euros90 USD93

Valencia: 1 night Sunny Apartments AUD101 Euros69 USD71

Barcelona: 2 nights Hotel Oasis AUD181 Euros124 USD128

Valencia: 7 nights Downtown Apartments  and 3 nights Total Valencia Charming AUD1008 Euros661 USD712

Total Accommodation Costs June 2016: AUD2221   Euros 1484   USD1569


Thailand: AUD101 Euros66 USD71

Barcelona: AUD169 Euros111 USD119

Spain Road Trip:  AUD292 Euros 200 USD206

Valencia: AUD 72 Euros47 USD51

Total Meals Out June 2016:   AUD634   Euros424   USD447


Barcelona: AUD140 Euros92 USD99

Andujar: AUD7 Euros5 USD5

Seville: AUD114 Euros78 USD81

Granada: AUD3 Euros2 USD2

Valencia: AUD180  Euros119 USD127

Total Groceries June 2016:   AUD444   Euros296   USD314

Entrance Fees to Sights and Tips on Free Walking Tours

Thailand: Grand Palace: AUD48 Euros32 USD34

Toledo Spain: Entrance fee to Fort: AUD9 Euros 6 USD6

Seville: Entrance fee to Cathedral: AUD26 Euros 18 USD18

Seville Entrance fee to Alcazar: AUD28 Euros 19 USD20

Free Walking Tour Tips Valencia x 2 tours:AUD32 Euros21 USD23

Total Entrances Fees and Tips:   AUD143   Euros96   USD101

Summary: AUD6139   Euros4082   USD4337

Travel Budget: 30 days June @ AUD92 per day = AUD2760   Euros1811   USD1949

Daily Budget:  AUD92   Euros60   USD65

Actual Travel Costs: AUD205 per day   Euros135   USD145



Countries Visited: Spain, Sweden and France

Cities Visited: Valencia, Spain Barcelona, Spain Stockholm, Sweden Nice, France Encausse in France


Barcelona to Stockholm Vueling: AUD254 Euros167 USD179

Stockholm to Nice Norwegian Airlines:  AUD315   Euros207   USD222

Total Flights July 2016:   AUD 569   Euros374   USD401


Bus from Valencia to Barcelona: AUD56  Euros37 USD40

Taxi to Valencia Bus Station from Apartment: AUD10 Euros7 USD7

Bus Barcelona to Airport: AUD19 Euros13 USD13

Bus from Nice airport to Apartment: AUD20 Euros13 USD14

Nice trains:  AUD55  Euros36 USD39

Bus from Apartment to Nice Airport: AUD20 Euros13 USD14

Bus to Toulouse: AUD63 Euros41 USD44

Train to L’isle Jourdain: AUD25 Euros16 USD18

Total Ground Transport Costs July 2016: AUD268   Euros176   USD189


Valencia: 4 nights Total Charming Valencia AUD420 Euros 276 USD297

Barcelona: 1 night Som Nit Triomphe AUD146 Euros96 USD103

Stockholm: 12 nights Generator Hostel AUD 1478 Euros970 USD1044

Nice: 7 nights Apartment Old Town Nice AUD 658 Euros432 USD465

Toulouse: 1 night Adagio Acess Toulouse Jolimont AUD49 Euros32 USD35

Total Accommodation Costs July 2016: AUD2751   Euros1806   USD1944


Valencia: AUD56 Euros37 USD40

Barcelona:  AUD78 Euros51 USD55

Stockholm:  AUD325Euros214 USD230

Nice:AUD366Euros240 USD258

Toulouse: AUD9 Euros6 USD6

Total Meal Costs July 2016: AUD834   Euros548   USD589


Valencia: AUD 41 Euros27 USD29

Barcelona: AUD5 Euros3 USD4

Stockholm: AUD 55 Euros36 USD39

Nice: AUD 195 Euros128 USD138

Encausse: AUD176 Euros115 USD124

Total Grocery Costs for July 2016:   AUD472   Euros309   USD334

Free Walking Tour Tips

Free Walking Tour Stockholm: AUD14 Euros9 USD10

Total Tips July 2016: AUD14   Euros9   USD10

Summary: AUD4908   Euros3221   USD3740

Travel Budget 31 days @ AUD92 per day AUD2852  Euros1871   USD2014

Daily Budget: AUD92   Euros60   USD65

Actual Travel Costs: AUD158 per day   Euros104  USD112


Countries Visited: France, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Spain, Portugal

Cities Visited: L’isle Jourdain, Dubrovnik, Kotor, Budva, Mostar, Bilbao, Lisbon


Easyjet Toulouse to Dubrovnik: AUD186 Euros122 USD131

Total Flight Costs August 2016:   AUD186   Euros122   USD131


Encausse: Petrol AUD39 Euros26 USD28

Toulouse: Metro AUD7 Euros5 USD5

Bus from Toulouse to Airport: AUD16 Euros11 USD11

Bus from Dubrovnik Airport to Accommodation: AUD 16 Euros11 USD11

Bus to Toulouse Airport: AUD26 Euros17 USD18

Taxi to Dubrovnik Bus Station: AUD 8 Euros5 USD6

Bus to Kotor Montenegro: AUD53 Euros 35 USD37

Taxi to Kotor Accommodation: AUD 11 Euros7 USD8

5 Taxis in Kotor Kotor: AUD52 Euros34 USD37

Taxi from Kotor to Budva Montenegro: AUD 41 Euros27 USD29

Total Ground Transport Costs August 2016: AUD269   Euros178   USD190


Toulouse: 1 night Adagio Access Toulouse Jolimont Hotel AUD82 Euros54 USD58

Dubrovnik: 1 night Apartment Nina AUD 46 Euros30 USD32

Kotor: 7 nights Kotor Old Mariner Guest House:  AUD462 Euros303 USD326

Budva: 1 nights  Apartments  AUD108 Euros71 USD76

Total Accommodation Costs August 2016:   AUD1130   Euros741   USD767


Toulouse France:  AUD9 Euros6 USD6

Dubrovnik Croatia: AUD52 Euros34 USD37

Kotor Montenegro: AUD360 Euros236 USD254

Total Meal Costs August 2016: AUD421   Euros276   USD297


Encausse France:  AUD411 Euros270 USD290

Toulouse France: AUD13 Euros 9 USD9

Dubrovnik Croatia: AUD 8 Euros5 USD6

Kotor Montenegro: AUD43 Euros28 USD30

Budva Montenegro: AUD34 Euros22 USD24

Total Grocery Costs August 2016:  AUD509   Euros334   USD359

Entrance Fees

Fort Kotor Montenegro: AUD10 Euros7 USD7

Boat tour Kotor Bay Montenegro: AUD49 Euros32 USD35

Entrance to National Park: AUD10 park Euros7 USD7

Entrance Fees August 2016:   AUD69   Euros46   USD49

Summary for August 2016:   AUD2584   Euros 1697   USD1793

Travel Budget 31 days @ AUD92 per day AUD2852  Euros1871   USD2014

Daily Budget: AUD92   Euros60   USD65

Actual travel budget: AUD83   Euros54   USD59


What To Do in Dubrovnik
We have just published our guide on What To Do in Dubrovnik on where to go, what to do, where to eat in and around Dubrovnik.

Countries Visited: Montenegro, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, St Maarten

Cities Visited: Budva, Dubrovnik, Bilbao, Lisbon, St Maarten


Dubrovnik Barcelona Norwegian Airlines: AUD 220 Euros144 USD155

Barcelona Bilbao Vueling: AUD226 Euros148 USD160

Total Flight Costs September 2016:   AUD446   Euros292   USD315


Taxi from Budva to Bus Station: AUD 5 Euros3 USD4

Taxi from Dubrovnik Bus Station to Apartment: AUD 20 Euros13 USD14

Bus from Budva to Dubrovnik:AUD 72 Euros47 USD51

Dubrovnik City Buses: AUD46 Euros30 USD32

Taxi from Bilbao Airport to Hotel Gran Bilbao: AUD 38 Euros25 USD27

Bilbao taxi from Hotel Gran Bilbao to Bilbao Port: AUD 57 Euros37 USD40

Total Ground Transport Costs September 2016:   AUD238   Euros155   USD168


Budva: 4 nights  Apartments: AUD432 Euros 283 USD305

Dubrovnik: 7 nights  Apartment NikoL: AUD875 Euros574 USD618

Bilbao: Bilbao Hotel Gran Bilbao (3 nights):  AUD262 Euros172 USD186

Total Accommodation Costs September 2016:   AUD1569   Euros1029  USD1109

Pullmantur Monarch Reposition Cruise:

14 nights accommodation: AUD1092 Euros717 USD771

Gratuities: AUD481 Euros330 USD316

Total Reposition Cruise Costs September 2016: AUD1573   Euros1047   USD1087


Budva Montenegro: AUD4 Euros 3 USD3

Dubrovnik Croatia: AUD101 Euros66 USD71

Mostar Bosnia: AUD 31 Euros20 USD22

Bilbao Spain: AUD78 Euros 51 USD55

Lisbon Portugal: AUD 5 Euros3 USD4

Total Meal Costs September 2016: AUD219   Euros143   USD155


Budva Montenegro: AUD79 Euros52 USD56

Dubrovnik Croatia: AUD121 Euros79 USD85

Total Grocery Costs September 2016: AUD200   Euros131   USD141 

Summary for September 2016:   AUD4245   Euros2797   USD2975

Travel Budget: 30 days June @ AUD92 per day = AUD2760   Euros1811   USD1949

Daily Budget:  AUD92   Euros60   USD65

Actual travel costs: AUD142   Euros93   USD100


Countries Visited: Panama

Cities Visited: Panama City, Boquete in Panama


Taxi from Colon Port to Bus station Colon: AUD4 Euros3 USD4

Bus from Colon to Panama City: AUD9 Euros6 USD6

Taxi from Allbrook Bus Station Panama City to Sercotel Princess Hotel:  AUD13 Euros9 USD9

Taxi from Hotel to Allbrook Bus Station: AUD13 Euros9 USD9

Bus to Boquete: AUD40 Euros26 USD28

Total Ground Transport Costs October 2016: AUD79   Euros53   USD56


Reposition Cruise (1 night): AUD78 Euros52 USD55

Panama City Panama: Sercotel Princess Hotel Panama: AUD 79 Euros52 USD56

Total Accommodation Costs October 2016: AUD157   Euros104   USD111


Panama: AUD 52 Euros34 USD37

Total Meal Costs October 2016:   AUD52   Euros34   USD37


Boquete: AUD702 Euros461 USD496

Total Grocery Costs October 2016:   AUD702   Euros461   USD496

Summary for October 2016: AUD990   Euros652   USD700

Travel Budget 31 days @ AUD92 per day AUD2852  Euros1871   USD2014

Daily Budget: AUD92   Euros60   USD65

Actual travel costs AUD32 per day   Euros21   USD23



Petrol: AUD49 Euros32 USD35

Total Ground Transport Costs November 2016:   AUD49   Euros32   USD35


Boquete: AUD 533 Euros350 USD376

Total Grocery Costs November 2016:   AUD533   Euros350   USD376

Summary for November 2016:   AUD582   Euros382   USD411

Travel Budget: 30 days June @ AUD92 per day = AUD2760   Euros1811   USD1949

Daily Budget:  AUD92   Euros60   USD65

Actual travel costs: AUD19   Euros12   USD13


Countries Visited: Panama

Cities Visited: Boquete


Petrol: AUD17 Euros11 USD12

Total Ground Transport Costs December 2016: AUD17   Euros11   USD12


Boquete: AUD870 Euros571 USD614

Total Grocery Costs December 2016:   AUD870   Euros571   USD614


Jane’s Birthday dinner: AUD105 Euros69 USD74

Total Meal Costs December 2016:   AUD105   Euros69   USD74

Summary Travel Costs December 2016: AUD992   Euros651   USD700

Travel Budget 31 days @ AUD92 per day AUD2852  Euros1871   USD2014

Daily Budget: AUD92   Euros60   USD65

Actual travel costs: AUD32 per day   Euros21   USD23




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