Magical Hike To The Tepozteco Pyramid

The Pyramid

It’s a long way to the top of Tepozteco, the Aztec Pyramid situated on top of the mountain overlooking Tepoztlan.  Tepoztlan, located 82 km south of Mexico City in the State of Morelos, is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Follow the signs through the main street to Tepozteco

Follow the signs through the main street of Avenue Del Tepozteco to the Tepozteco Pyramid.

How difficult is the climb to the top of Tepozteco

It is not the easiest of climbs being a distance of just over 2 miles with an elevation gain of over 1200 feet as you wind up the pathway that clings to the side of the mountain. The pathway starts and ends at the markets at the end of Avenue Del Tepozteco.  The food stalls will entice you with their freshly made fragrant Mexican street food but award yourself at the end of the hike.  Start early in the morning around 9.30 to 10 and avoid the crowds on the weekend. It took us 1.5 hours to climb up and 1.5 hours to come down.

Pathway to the Tepozteco Pyramid

Pathway to the Tepozteco Pyramid

The pathway starts with a stone staircase then breaks into uneven stones and rocks all the way to the top, ensure that you have good walking shoes that grip as it can be quite slippery especially after heavy rain.  Nearing the top you will come to a set of narrow iron staircases, at this stage you are still a 5 minute climb away from reaching the top.

The View From The Top iof Tepozteco is Worth The Climb

The View From The Top is Worth The Climb

It is free to climb the mountain but when you reach the top there is a small shed where you pay the entrance fee  of 45 pesos, there is also a small fee if you use a video camera.  The breath-taking view is worth the climb.

Aztec Inscriptions Can be Found All Over The Pyramid at Tepozteco

Aztec Inscriptions Can be Found All Over The Pyramid.


Watch out for these little devils searching for food in Tepozteco

Watch out for these little devils searching for food!

These little animals are known as Coati, and beware they are searching for food, it is wise not to feed or touch them.  You will see them climbing in and out of the garbage bins searching for food scraps.

The Xochimilcas occupied this area of Mexico from around 1200AD.  Although history can date this area back to 1500BC.  It is known to be the 2nd most spiritual mountain range, Machu Picchu being the first and the mythical birthplace of the serpent god of the Aztecs – Quetzalcoatl. It has also been stated that Tepoztlan has the highest amount of UFO sitings in the world.

The township of Tepoztlan is known as one of the “Pueblos Magicos de Mexico”.  The Mexican Government classifies “Pueblo Magico as towns that are considered special for its original roots, symbolic attributes, legends, history, significant events and the daily life of the locals.  These towns still have the magic and mystical attributes that make them charming and interesting to visit”.

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